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As it turns out, this is kind of a weird collection.  I can't imagine how that happened.  What kind of person is running this thing?

Oktapodi - 2007
See link for directing team

This is just wacky, unleashed mayhem as one octopus races to rescue his beloved from a knifey fate.  Recalls the energy of a Looney Toons cartoon from the good ol' days.  Oscar nominated; did not win... except our HEARTS, am I right, people?!!

I Miss You - 1997
Song by Bjork
Video by John Kricfalusi

Singer and patron of the video arts Bjork turned Ren & Stimpy creator John "John K" Kricfalusi loose on her song "I Miss You" and the results blow the lid off the pot of their creative stew.  Also featured: Jimmy the Boy Idiot and George Liquor from John K's Spumco Comic Book.

Parental Discretion may be advised.  By which I mean that it may not be suitable for all parents, but the kids will love it, even if you'd rather that they didn't.

The House of Small Cubes - 2008
Written & Directed by Kunio Kato

You like visual metaphors, kids?  I got yer visual metaphors right here!  Made by a Japanese animator.  Looks like French animation.  Won the American Academy Award for short subject animation.  Applicable to everyone.

Day & Night - 2010
Directed by Teddy Newton

This recent Pixar short really reminds me of animation and cartooning from the 1960s.  The spare design of Munro comes to mind.  It was Oscar nominated the year that The Lost Thing won.

The Dot and the Line: A Romance in Lower Mathematics - 1965
Written by Norton Juster
Directed by Chuck Jones & Maurice Noble

Now here's some of that 1960s animation.  Writer Norton Juster is also the author of The Phantom Tollbooth, which Chuck Jones would also go on to direct as a feature film.  Not sure what to make of the fickle nature of the Dot, but at least she made the right choice in the end.

Aeon Flux - 1991
Directed by Peter Chung

It's my understanding (and I could be wrong, because the stories around Aeon Flux have become as apocryphal as the stories IN it) that the first "season" of Aeon Flux was just intended as a series of shorts to stand alone.  After it became super-popular on MTV's Liquid Television, demand flowed from fans to network an Chung finally relented on continuing the show.  Then there was a live action movie and everyone decided they were over it.  This is the stand alone 12 minute first "season" that we all loved from the start.  Still just as stylish, kick-butt and bizarre as ever.

Unfortunately, I am unable to embed it here.  Click the link below the picture.

Okay, that's gonna have to be it for this time.  Things sure took off in their own direction.  I'll be back with more cartoon goodness next time.

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