Unca Timo's Car-tomb Spooktacular!

Fire... BAD.

Cartoons.... GOOD!

Monsters... bad?

Monster cartoons.... frequently awful. 

These selections, animated shorts... GOOD!
You enjoy!  Good, GOOD!

Come back... next week... enjoy feature article...

"The Monster Mash-Ups" ...GOOD!

Slow Bob in the Lower Dimensions - 1991
by Henry Selick

Henry Selick, director of Nightmare Before Christmas, James and the Giant Peach and Coraline, made this as a pilot for MTV.  Then he got the Nightmare gig and that was that.  We all win.

Bambi Meets Godzilla - 1969
by Marv Newland

Legen-- wait for it...

Directed by Burt Gillett

This would appear to have been an influence on Scooby-Doo and Ghostbusters.  A short, silent cut of this was the pack-in movie with the Fisher-Price Movie Viewer sold in the 70s, so a lot of kids were exposed to it that way.  I am pretty sure I've also seen flipbooks that use frames from it. 

Sintel - 2010
Written by Esther Wouda & Martin Lodewijk
Directed by Colin Levy

This animated short was produced by the Blender Foundation to demonstrate its open-source animation software, and was published under an open Creative Commons license which allowed anyone to use it however they liked, even for profit, as long as it was attributed.  Then Sony comes along and claims ownership, temporarily getting it removed from YouTube.  This is just one of many examples of what is wrong with our utterly perverse and out-of-control copyright laws that ultimately favor the richest, most ruthless and exceedingly powerful.  Yes, in this collection of monster-themed cartoons, the real monsters walk among us.  Actually they don't so much walk as ride past us in limos, sneering with disdain.

Oh yeah, and the cartoon is really super-fantastic too.

Superman: The Arctic Giant - 1941
Created by Jerry Siegel & Joe Shuster
Produced by Fleischer Studios

The Fleischer Studios Superman cartoons were made just a few years after the comic book debuted, so many of the things were presume about him now simply didn't exist yet.  These are beautifully animated and full of fun.  Superman didn't scale well to WWII, however, and the series was discontinued.  Nevertheless, they remained the best superhero cartoons made until the animated Batman of the 1990s.

This Way Up - 2008
Written & Directed by Smith & Foulkes

A very funny short about a very bad day for the operators of AT Shanks & Son funeral parlor.  It turns out this was Oscar nominated.  I don't actually seek them out that way.  They just find me!

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