38 Netflix Comedy Specials That Will Give You The Will To Live

I've been trying to substitute comedy specials for social media during the Coffee Hours and it really resets my attitude for another big day of quarantine. Here are what I consider to be the best of the crop -- your mileage may vary.

John Mulaney

New In Town
The Comeback Kid
Kid Gorgeous

Mike Birbiglia 
My Girlfriend's Boyfriend
What I Should Have Said Was Nothing
Thank God for Jokes
The New One

Taylor Tomlinson 
Quarter-Life Crisis

James Acaster 

Bo Burnham 
Make Happy

Ali Wong 
Baby Cobra
Hard Knock Wife

Seth Meyers 
Lobby Baby

Michelle Wolf 
Joke Show

Hannah Gadsby 

Ronny Chieng
Asian Comedian Destroys America!

Maria Bamford 
The Special Special Special
Old Baby
(If you have access to her newest special, Weakness is the Brand, by all means watch it even though it's not on Netflix)

Tig Notaro 
Happy to Be Here

Nikki Glaser 

Patton Oswalt 
Talking for Clapping

Demetri Martin 
Live *at the Time
The Overthinker

Neal Brennan 
3 Mics

Sarah Silverman 
A Speck of Dust

Simon Amstell 
Set Free

Lucas Bros
On Drugs

W Kamau Bell 
Private School Negro

John Leguizamo 
Latin History for Morons

Hasan Minaj 
Homecoming King

Jen Kirkman 
Just Keep Livin'?

Ryan Hamilton 
Happy Face

Greg Davies 
You Magnificent Beast

Whitney Cummings 
Money Shot
Can I Touch It?

Garfunkel & Oates 
Trying to be Special


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