2015's Best 80s Movie


Kung Fury - 2015
Written & Directed by David Sandberg
with David Sandberg, Jorma Taccone & David Hasselhoff

Six months ago on Media Bliss, I shared a poster that I designed for an imagined 80s action flick called Exterminandroid.  The world was supremely disinterested.  I find it heartening to know, however, that there are people like David Sandberg out there, who would know exactly what I was going for, because he's going for it too.  Totally going for it.  All the way.  To the MAX, dude.

Kung Fury was a crowdfunded movie project, paying homage, satirizing, and applying modern techniques to the kind of cheesy 80s action movies of which the Cannon Group reigned supreme.  It is pure indulgence ...and pure entertainment.

The video went live on YouTube yesterday, and it is viewable for free.  You're not going to find a more action-packed 30 minutes in this dimension of time and space.

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