A Change of Tune

So I'm sitting here watching The Black Stallion and I noticed something curious.

In the climactic horse race at the end of the film, there is almost no music.  A good 2/3 of the race is nothing but the sound of thundering hooves and panting breath.  When music does finally enter, it's long, slow string tones tying the racing back to their time on the island.  It's a thing of pure beauty.

If that film were made today, the entire race would be bloated out to at least twice as long to give the director more time to manipulate the viewer, and it would be drowned out with some kind of tuneless and turgid Hans Zimmer score.  God damn I hate Hans Zimmer.  His dronefests are symptomatic of what is wrong with movies these days.  So much artistry and storytelling has been sacrificed for crass manipulation.  It's no longer enough to tell a story well.  Now you have to tell viewers what they're supposed to feel, and those feelings are no better distinguished than an emoticon in a text message.

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